Best Hearing Aids For Profound Hearing Loss

What is Profound Hearing Loss

Best Hearing Aids For Profound Hearing Loss is a big problem in this time, Hearing loss may be the third most common medical condition in the world, But there are nothing here how each person experiences it. We get different configurations of hearing loss like degree of range, hearing loss falls between mild to moderate. These hearing loss tell us that the sounds between 25 and 60 db (decibel) are difficult to hear. Approx 30% people severe to profound degrees of hearing loss. This type hearing loss people conversations falls in the 60 db range. Below 80 db sounds are difficult to hear by profound hearing loss. There is a problem with profound hearing loss person, they may hear sounds but the coming sounds are not understood.


Best Hearing Aid Brands for Profound Hearing Loss


Signia introduce new Signia Primax, This Hearing Aid has been clinically proved to reduce listening efforts and treat moderately severe hearing loss. Signia provide this hearing aid like most powerful hearing aid.


The primax assists noise reduction, speech intelligibility and enhance amplification. The Nitro BTE Hearing aid tackles all challenges of severe to profound loss. The best sound technology coupled with the directional microphones and provides wearers improved speech recognition with a clear access to the sounds.



The Oticon Company has supplied three hearing aid options with Brain Hearing Technology, powered on the Inium Sense platform.  Oticon’s Dynamo, Sensei SP, and BTE plus Power hearing aids response to severe to profound hearing loss. BTE plus Power hearing aids are available in different models Alta 2, Nera 2, and Ria 2. These hearing aids come with high-powered hearing aids which offer higher gain and output, with improved feedback control and a personalized listening experience. Oticon hearing aid includes enhanced speech intelligibility and wireless connectivity for improved access to sounds.



Phonak brand introduce profound hearing loss with their model Naida V, Naida V hearing aid connects to the Roger wireless microphone for extra amplification. Naida V hearing aids are compatible, which allows weared to transmit phone calls directly to their hearing aids. Phonak hearing aid has been proven to enhance understanding of speech and sound challenging background noise. Phonak hearing aids’ flexibily allows wearer to focus on conversations with multiple speakers and capture sounds of high frequency which is missed by profound hearing loss people.



Resound address power hearing aid for profound hearing loss. Resound Enzo2 is super power hearing aid for profound loss. Resound hearing aid gives wearers enhanced amplification and feedback elimination. Resound LiNX2 hearing aid win with wireless technology and Resound ENZO2 allows wearers to connect to personal electronic devices for an added level of accessibility and intelligibility. The Spatial Sense feature gives hearing aid wearers the ability to locate themselves in their environment. ENZO 2 is available in two power levels: High Power and Super Power, and is a discreet behind-the-ear hearing aid perfect for active lifestyles.



Widex’s hearing aid is the super high powered hearing aid, These hearing aids improve speech recognition and helps wearers manage background noise for better sound clarity. Super , receiver-in-the-ear hearing aid comes with water resistant which is designed for people who has profound hearing loss. Widex hearing aid wireless connectivity increases accessibility and come with connection to smartphones and personal electronic devices. The SUPER hearing aid has a long battery life and flexibility to focus on sounds. Widex hearing aid gives wearers confidence in every environment situation.


Treating Profound Hearing Loss

High powered hearing aids are able to treat profound hearing loss.

These hearing aids come with many same features to treat profound hearing loss.

They have extra amplification and more powerful speech recognition features which make them more powerful.

These hearing aids are more flexible and offer more customization and access to sounds based on the placement of the microphone.

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